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Umbria by bike

Bike tours represent one of the most innovative and eco-sustainable travel experience and they will allow you to fully enjoy the landscapes and wonders that Italy is able to offer.

A new Travel Experience

This is a green mobility model that allows, in addition to significant economic savings, the discovery of new and unusual itineraries.


The bike is the fulcrum of this modern travel style, giving the traveler the opportunity to relax and to quietly enjoy breathtaking views and hidden scenic beauties, which otherwise he will not be exploring.

Those who choose a two-wheeled experience are aware of the fact that this type of mobility requires willpower, a minimum of training and that, during the journey, haste is not the ideal travel companion.

The E-Bike(electric bicycle)


for an even more relaxing and pleasant experience it is also possible to choose an electric bicycle as an alternative to the traditional one. The electric bicycle is indeed an excellent alternative, especially for long and tiring routes. This innovative and very modern mean of transport allows you to live an environmental-friendly experience without excessive effort and without particular physical preparation.


Choosing an eco-sustainable experience is a beautiful step towards the environment. As a matter of fact, a bike tour is a very simple form of sustainable tourism for the environment and the territory, for the sake of weel-being and health.

After all, as Kennedy said:

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.”

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