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Here you can read a Protocol Extract about measures introduced in the Garden Hotel (Città di Castello) to prevent and contain Covid-19 spreading. This Protocol has been drawn up according to Government Anti-Covid guidelines dated here below and made conditional on both Government concessions and strictures.

According to the Hotel working areas, our staff has been informed about measures, procedures and conduct to adopt. At the entrance and in the mainly crowded areas of the hotel, informative notices have been posted to indicate both the right Government measures to follow and how to correctly behave with both our staff and customers.

As far as the areas shared by many people are concerned, crowds are strictly forbidden. According to what is written in the appropriate notices, a maximum number of people is applied, in order to assure a 1 meter safe distance between people. Moreover, many sanitised gel dispensers have been put throughout the hotel.

Sanitization is made by expert staff wearing protecting devices and using certified alcohol-based products, chlorine and similar products. This is possible by carefully following the instructions written in specifications and thanks to Sanitising Aerosol, that is to say a periodic vaporisation of a disinfectant mixture :

  • Common spaces and areas

  • Working areas

  • Rooms for our customers


Daily tidiness and sanification are guaranteed for:

  • All the frequently used surfaces, like door handles, windows, tables, chairs, light switches, elevator buttons, handrails, etc..

  • All rooms booked by our guests. Tidiness is done after ventilation by opening the window inside each room.

  • It is possible for guests remaining at the hotel to ask for their rooms not to be tidied up.


At the Restaurant, tables are positioned in order to make our customers stay at a 1,82 m minimal distance, while their possible dining companions can eat at a 1 m minimal distance. Room service is made on request for lunch, dinner and breakfast. Menus are coated with plastic and regularly sanitized. It is forbidden to remove masks, except during meals. Dinner, lunch and breakfast is served by wait staff. There is no buffet.

According to the Omicron Decree, starting from January 10th, you must have a Super Green Pass to enter hotels, restaurants, bars, Wellness Centres, conferences and congresses.




Indoor, a self-certification is asked to be signed by our customers, in which they have to declare that they:

  • Are not quarantined

  • Are not positive with Covid-19

  • Have not been in contact with people proved to be positive with Covid-19

  • Have read and understood all the containing measures in force






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